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This website serves as a portal to my inner universe.

Come down the rabbit hole and explore :) 

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Multi-media Art

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my art style is a trippy blend of contemporary surrealism and my perception of the cosmic realms that exist behind the veil of this human experience. Contact me for commissions :) 

idkb frequency


My Van Journey


contact me to get your song featured in a fire or flow video 

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Molly Eichenberger

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How to Support my Art

Please like and share my videos! its totally free and means the world to me :)

Tell your friends, wear my merch, and spread the yummy creative vibes.

if you want to give support in the form of money, here are links to all of my ways to accept gifts 

You can also support me by using this link to order things on Amazon!

It doesn't matter what you order, as long as its through this link I will get a little percentage of your purchase with no extra cost to you. 

So if there has been something you've been waiting for the right moment to buy, now is the perfect time :)

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